Liberian President Should be Sanctioned for Her War Crimes Says TRC

By Eric Brown

The Liberian Truth and Reconciliation Commission (TRC) has come out with a recommendation to sanction 52 people barring them from holding a public office. Among the 52 people listed included Liberian President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf who has previously admitted supporting Charles Taylor. The first African female president who enjoys a squeaky clean image in the Western countries and media was surprised by this recommendation. The well investigated findings show an image contrary to what mainstream media would have us believe.

What is surprising is that this president who has admitted to contributing to the ruthless Charles Taylor’s ascension to power is actually “surprised” that Liberians would ask her to no longer hold a political office after her term. Knowing that the Liberian conflict claimed over 200,000 lives, it is understandable that Liberians no longer want to be represented by war criminals. They want a break from their past and a new beginning and President Johnson Sirleaf is the wrong representative.

President Sirleaf should do the honorable and own up to all of her contribution to the war that ravaged the country and left so many victims including handicapped and disabled by the war. Considering the toll it took on Liberia, the abductions, the child soldiers, the orphans, the widows and the mentally unstable victims of this war, anyone with a hand in this should definitely face the courts of justice instead of representing the people she contributed to terrorizing.

Africa in general needs to break from the past of being led by known criminals. Ms Johnson Sirleaf not only supported Charles Taylor during the campaign of terror in Liberia, but is also reported to have supported the LURD war against Charles Taylor’s government. Anyone interested in a good future for Africa, Africans and especially Liberians should ask Ms. Johnson Sirleaf to accept the recommendation and not run for any office again at the end of her term. She is alleged to have contributed a minimum of $500,000 to Charles Taylor’s war ALONE.


One response to “Liberian President Should be Sanctioned for Her War Crimes Says TRC

  1. justice should be neutral and applied to all parties regardless of political office, socio-economic status, gender, and race. i hope the liberians are motivated by a firm commitment to equal, strict and fair justice, rather than using it as a means of advancing their own political agenda. that’s the unfortunate cycle of political life. one hopes that this time it’s different however.

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