In Commemoration of the Rwandan Genocide

By Eric Brown

The Rwandan Genocide was a terrible event beyond human imagination. The world stood by and watched it happen as over a million people were killed. The hostilities leading up to the carnage should have been sign enough for the world to step in before things got out of hand. Over a million people!!! It is unbelievable.

To all who died the brainless acts, the genocide of 1994 and the killings that took place in Rwanda since 1990 and afterwards, MAY YOU REST IN PEACE. For all the survivors who lost their loved ones, be strong. Everyone Tutsis, Hutus, Twas and foreigners who lost your loved ones our thoughts and prayers are with you. You give us reason to hope and to continue to support you through our work. We will forever continue to seek justice for you.

For all of the perpetrators of genocide, crimes against humanity, war crimes; we will forever seek to have you face justice for the sake of your victims. We want you to face justice that you denied your victims.

For the world that stood by and watched it happen, shame on us!!! Some of us have vowed to never again stand by and allow such atrocities to take place. Genocide is happening today in Congo, Darfur, Burma, and many other places. Let us not stand by and let this continue again. Let us give a meaning to the word “Never Again”.

To all my Rwandan friends, I salute you for your strength in spite of your country’s dark past.

Everyone, I wish you to remember and mourn your departed loved ones in peace, whatever ethnic group you hail from. YOU WILL NEVER BE FORGOTTEN.


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