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Committed to human rights accross the world. I believe that speaking the truth nomatter how unpopular will lead to the respect of human rights. I also believe that human rights should be first and foremost in any society.

Having traveled the world and seeing some of the worst human rights violations including the use of child soldiers, systematic rape, genocide, war crimes, crimes against humanity; I decided to speak out. I decided to be the voice of the voiceless.

All are welcome to comment. However, please be respectful of others opinions and views.

Eric Brown

Contact: humanright1st@gmail


8 responses to “About the Author

  1. Great job. Keep raising awareness on the real nature of the Rwandan military dictatorship.


  2. Hello. I just wanted to thank you for your initiative and encourage to keep up. Your work plus the work of others do actually mean much for those who can not speak for themselves. Especially in militarized societies of the rwandan type.

  3. Thanks for your post. I just wrote one about what it means when such brutality is “normalized” by virtue of simply being used on a regular basis…when in fact it ought to be regarded still as beyond the pale. I am providing the link in case you are interested. http://euandus3.wordpress.com/2009/10/25/using-rape-against-political-protesters/

    • Euandus,

      Thank you for your comment. These things need to come to the surface and be dealt with. Below is a comment I left under your article:

      1.Great article. I would go as far as to add that any foreign governments whose troops go out and rape and sodomize citizens of other countries also forfeit their soreveignty. For example, when Uganda and Rwanda invaded the Democratic Republic of Congo on two occasions, they used rape and sodomy as tools to control the population. In addition to 5 million people killed as a result, there are thousands of living human beings who are the victim of rape. While rape was introduced by the invading armies, the DR Congo army has also committed its fair share of rape. In agreement with your article, governments of Uganda, Rwanda and DR Congo should no longer be protected as they are. those governments should be removed and the individuals dealt with.

      Thanks for visiting my blog. I just came back from the Great Lakes of Africa and I will be updating with new articles.

  4. Eric,
    In as much as you magnify your sharp criticism of Museveni and Kagame, I think it would be nice to also highlight the good they have done. Surely there are certain things they have (and are doing) for their countries?! Its good to show both sides of the story for such a story to be complete, unless of course if your aim is just to soil someone. Remember in the event of any bad out come partly due to articles such those authored by yourself, neither Museveni nor Kagame and their immediate families would suffer; its the common man who suffers. Moreover, its countries like yours which prop up such “bad guys”. Don’t you think that collectively you share the blame and yourself are hypocrytical! I am sure you will soon publish an article bashing Uganda on its stand on gay rights. If you do, please remember to be truthful to say that the majority of the people vehemently oppose gayism, although of course this evil is active in this country
    Peace be with you

    • Mr. Rugwiza,

      Thank you for your comment. My focus is human rights. On that front, both Museveni and Kagame have been a total failure. My country as well has been both hypocritical and guilty of enabling these two presidents to take millions of lives with impunity. I am looking forward to the days when President Kagame and Museveni give me reason to praise them on the HUMAN RIGHTS front. Six million is a large number to overlook. To overlook it this fact in search of praise would be comparable to me looking and highlighting the good done by the genocidaire government and publishing those praises. I am sure like Kagame, they have things that can be highlighted. Do you have any thoughts on that?

      You are right about the gay issues in Uganda. There will be an article on that. Please stay tuned.

  5. Dear Eric,

    I recently came across your blog and found it very interesting. Keep up the good job!

  6. its our right to express ourselves! keep it going

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